The dress code for an important presentation doesn’t always demand a power suit and definitely doesn’t mean that you have to spend your entire morning deciding what to wear. Even though you may spend, let’s say, two hours planning an outfit, the reality is your colleagues probably won’t notice that specific pair of shoes or bag as much as you do.

So my advice is to come up with a signature look that best represents you and stick to it. My go-to uniform is a pencil skirt, a silk white button-down and a blazer. I would wear one of two dresses with the same blazer. It’s done without thinking. Two sets of shoes: one for warm weather and one for cold. Always the same makeup routine. Hair goes back. Keep it simple and polished!

Check out the outfits we put together for you – looks so chic that would mask your nerves.

Sophisticated Turtleneck and High-Waisted Pants


Your Signature Office Dress


The Classic Pussy-Bow Blouse and High-Waisted Pants


White Silk Button-Down Blouse and a Pencil Skirt